USA generally hires engineers from India and most of the top US companies and startups are being run on the backend by Indian developers. But other than that, there is a great demand in the fields of finance, AI, banking and sustainable development. You can looks for jobs across these spectrums, but the recruitment market in the US is a little narrow right now. It might be easier for you since you're from IIT. Sending your CV directly and contacting the companies you want to work for might work. Reaching out to founders and CEO's of company through social media is another way to go, if there is any specific place you really want to go. You have make your choice of the field you want to go in and then list down your best options within that field. That will help you get a better job and you'll have much more clarity in what you want to do.
Other than that, a not so related thing is, why don't you work in India?
There is a great demand for developers and IITians get a lot of recognition in every field. In fact the startup world is full of IITians and there's a huge leverage you get when it comes to getting investment for your own company. There are multiple opportunities in India as we're the largest growing economy. 

The Prime Minister is trying to call back all the Indians working abroad, and you're trying to go there instead. Why not stay and work in the country where you've lived. You can add tremendous value to the system with your knowledge and prosper with the development of the country. You can have multiple clients abroad and travel the world instead of staying in USA with a normal job. You'll get your share of importance and respect over here and there's a good chance of getting a high salary after seeing your GPA. Our country is developing, and its developing fast, let's be a part of this process.
Here you can find all the latest H1B Visa Jobs in USA. So start your search for H1B jobs in USA and get best jobs for your profile.
Now days there are lots of job vacancies are available in USA for international candidates who are on H1B Visa, F1 Visa, OPT, CPT etc. but they can not find the best jobs for his / her profile, the main reasons behind that is lack of knowledge about where and how to apply for the jobs in USA.
Find all the Verified US Companies that DO sponsor and file H1B visas for your profile and
Get Top Hiring H1B Employers for Your Job Profile.
Ge Top Salary H1B employers for your Job Profile.
You can find H1B visa jobs in every city and state in USA so you can easily find best jobs at your location also find the Right Companies, Jobs and Hiring Contacts that you need to get hired for an H1B visa to live and work in the USA.
1. apply for H1b through some consultancy, and then search for a job there in your field
2. Try to do your Masters degree in US, your score is sufficient, there on you'll know how to choose your career
3. Getting a sponsor for h1b for non IT jobs is difficult, until unless you have your seniors, friends,etc working there and if they can refer you a job, that is possible, the employee may sponsor a H1B for you.
Work Visas
As a foreign worker, you will need a visa to be employed in the U.S. Each type of visa has unique requirements, conditions, and time limits.
Visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service’s (USCIS) Working in the U.S. website for an overview of each worker category and type of visa.
Use the Department of State’s visa wizard to find the visa you need, the application process, fees, and estimated wait time for a visa interview.
Your Rights and Protections
As a temporary foreign worker in the U.S., you will not be denied a visa or be punished by the U.S. government because you have exercised your rights under U.S. laws. Learn your rights and protections.
If you violate the terms of your work visa, it could be revoked and you could be removed from the U.S. (deported), arrested, or denied reentry into the U.S.
If you suspect you or someone you know is being brought to the U.S. for the purpose of human trafficking, get help now.

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