Recruitment To Singapore 2018

1. Check your eligibility to work in Singapore
Before getting into an exhaustive job search, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re eligible to work in Singapore. There’re a few different kinds of permits based on your qualifications. The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore has published an online self assessment tool, SmArT, to gauge your likelihood of eligibility.
While the SmArT assessment can give you an idea, you shouldn’t take it as a guarantee that you’ll be eligible. Some factors, like permit quotas and your personal background aren’t calculated with the online assessment. Keep in mind you can’t apply for a work visa without a job in place and a salary offer that meets a minimum requirement. Therefore, applying for your Singapore visa is one of the last steps you’ll take.
2. Choose a thriving industry
While Singapore is host to many markets, some industries are stronger than others. Historically, Singapore has been a welcoming home to finance professionals, especially those in audit and securities.
While the financial job market is as strong as ever, new industries are rising quickly in the Southern Asian city. Jobs for IT workers, digital marketers and compliance specialists are surging. Demand in the fields of tech and ecommerce is also high with a huge push in hiring UI and UX designers, as well as hospitality, service, tourism and computer science. Other prevalent roles in Singapore include talent management and HR leadership.
3. Understand common employment practices
Before committing to work in Singapore, it’s a good idea to review whether the most common employment practices are a good fit for your lifestyle.
With information about salaries, skill training, leaves of absence, holidays, hours, contracts, and much more, the Ministry of Manpower has a comprehensive list of employment resources to help you get an understanding of what working in Singapore will actually be like.

4. Search Online
One of the best places to look for open positions in Singapore is online. With a multitude of web resources available to aid in your search, the following sites are some of the biggest and most used by Singapore job searchers.

7. Apply for your work visa
Getting a job offer is a huge accomplishment, but doesn’t represent the final step in the hiring process. Next, you’ll need to apply for a Singapore work visa.
Luckily, Singapore is a multicultural city that’s home to many expats, and is typically welcoming of foreigners seeking visas. In order to obtain one, you’ll need a job offer, to pay a registration fee and to submit your application. You can apply for your visa online and have it processed in just 7 days.


  1. Helper

  2. Lifting supervisor, rigger And signal man

    backoffice, data entry

  4. I am Mechanical Engineer having 24 years of Engineering Experience in various Fields.i worked in india for 11 years and in United Arab Emirates for 13 years.

    My Key Areas are
    Leadership, Production Planning, Vendor Developments, Production achievements and Production management. Plant Manager, New Product Development Automation, cost planning, Engineering, Inventory management, Machine and Equipment Maintenance, Manpower Capacity, Material and Production Planning,

    Experience in following areas

    Architecture and Metal Fabrication.
    Brass Cladding's with different finishes like Antique bronze and gold finish.
    SS Handrails, Balustrades, SS & MS Staircases, Spiral staircases,
    Brass Balustrades, Decorative Ceiling Panels, Custom made Fabrication.

    Oil and gas Equipment’s manufacturing, Manufacturing of Material handling Equipment’s, Structural steel fabrication, Heavy steel Fabrication.

    Aluminum and Glass Glazing, unitized, semi unitized and conventional systems,
    Skylights, canopies, suspended Glazing. Aluminum composite cladding
    Fabrication and installation. Powder coating of aluminum Profiles and school furniture’s.

    Design Development and Automation of Special Propose machines for pharmaceutical companies, production Trail installation and commissioning of machines.

    i am looking for a job in Singapore/Malaysia/south Africa as a production manager/factory head/engineering manager

    kindly contact me on sanjivrvedak at or +919152440320



  5. I am mechanical engineer or I have 3 years experience and or my contact number is 9123368089 plz inform me if there is anything for me


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